Boldly going where loads of people have gone before

Blogging…the final frontier. Well at least for me. My attempts at blogging in the past have been fruitless to say the least. I’ve sat at the computer wondering what to write, what would be worth putting online, what people might want to read, what people might like or enjoy reading. I’ve come and gone as quick from the world of blogging each time thinking “what is the point”

So this time you might wonder what the difference. Well I’ve decided to come to it differently this time, with an attempt at humble confidence, to empty my head of thoughts of all things geek, share my passions and excitement and hopefully you’l find it infectious and enjoy the ride. You can expect excitement over films, books, graphic novels, beer, wine, cooking and me sharing my family life with the best 3 people in the world and the craziest hound going.

However, if this isn’t your cup of Earl Grey – Hot, then that’s OK too. I’m OK with that and that’s the difference for me this time. I’ll be content emptying my head, even if another soul doesn’t read it.

So here I go, hopefully with some company along the way, exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilisation, boldly going where a hell of a lot of people have gone before.